Early Warning System for Time Series Data

A software system that predicts the future behavior of critical process variables for earlier warning before hazardous situation


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The Early Warning System for time series data provides easy automatic monitoring of critical process variables, predicts future fluctuations, and visualizes predicted future fluctuations in a trend graph.
If the system predicts that future fluctuation will reach a critical control value (a value at which a protective device is activated, a value set as a design limit, etc.), it generates a predictive alarm to make the operator aware of the situation.
The Early Warning System also helps operators to respond appropriately well in advance by displaying predicted future trends and time of occurrence.

The Early Warning System constantly monitors/predicts trends even though the operator’s attention has slackened, and enhances the operator’s ability to notice abnormalities.

-Enables the operator to respond calmly well in advance, because the system displays the predicted time when the control value will reach the alarm threshold.

-Enables detection of fluctuations that cannot be detected by the DCS alarm system.


The Early Warning System automatically collects data on the monitored variables and predicts the future behavior of single variable data based only on that data using the Azbil’s logic. By capturing sudden fluctuations or trends worsening for a second time in critical process variables that cannot be detected by the DCS alarm system, the Early Warning System enhances the operator’s ability to notice abnormalities.

The system continuously monitors up to 160 critical process variables while predicting their future movement to reduce the monitoring burden of operators.

The Early Warning System is a software application that is independent of the DCS. At a site where DCS alarm management is not in place and DCS alarms are frequently issued, it is sure to provide the operator and other staff in the control room with the desired level of awareness.

With its automatic display function and large display, the Early Warning System helps every staff member in the control room solve problems through teamwork.

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