Computerized Maintenance Management System


Reform of corporate organization to promote transformation to smart

Digitization of information

2nd category

Business process transformation

Information visualization and browsing


A new, cloudbased solution for facility maintenance management
-Cost effective
-Smart device-enabled
-World’s highest level of information security
-Dashboard functionality visualizing information


・Functions group for maintenance management
Functions group management
- Required for completion of the PDCA cycle in areas where maintenance operations are indispensable
Equipment ledger management
- Handling of requests for maintenance operations
- No need to master management
Flexible searching of registered information

・Maintenance history statistics analyzer for measuring maintenance effects and improving activities
Measurement of maintenance effects
- To optimize management
Report management
- For completion of the PDCA cycle for maintenance operations

・Total equipment management
Equipment management
- For consistent traceability and arrangement management delivered to the customer
Customized management
- Can choose management hierarchy by utility or equipment for customers

・Support of device lifecycle management for Yokogawa products
Users can register Yokogawa devices by entering just the Serial No., and retrieve the Tag No., Equipment Name, Model Suffix Code and other information automatically.*1
*1 Only for Yokogawa devices which are registered in Yokogawa’s Product Information site. Contact your sales rep for details.

For Yokogawa devices with a QR code attached, users can access relevant documents simply by scanning the code by a mobile app*2 on a smartphone or tablet.*3
*2 Users must download the eServ mobile app from Google Play Store.
*3 Users must register with the Yokogawa Product Information site (free).
Users can search for compatible devices by specifying the model suffix code in case of device failure.

・Custom order
E.g. connect to the customer’s system, such as ERP

eServ can handle a wealth of data and make it easy to view, with a user-friendly interface.

・Synergy with SNS
eServ bundles “Chatter”, a secure in-company SNS tool.
By using mobile devices, work-related messages and notices with images can easily be transmitted, encouraging communication within teams.

eServ is a cloud-based service. Cloud-based services offer many advantages over conventional systems. Refer to “System Requirements” for details.

・Localizing Management
Multi-language and currency support

・Report dashboard
Outputs reports and results required for measuring management effects and making improvements.
Drill-down function, ranging from measuring management effects for company managers, to useful analysis for daily improvements in the field.

Achievements and examples

・To improve the safe operating ratio of production equipment and breakdown maintenance
For some customers manufacturing particular products on a production line or assembly process, their main activity is breakdown maintenance due to frequent failures.
The purpose of maintenance is to raise the safe operating ratio by reducing prolonged lock-down caused by failures. When it is possible to understand correctly the circumstances of failures and shorten the recovery time based on past data, it enables a shift from breakdown maintenance to preventive maintenance. eServ improves maintenance operations and raises the safe operating ratio.

・Avoiding excessive preventive maintenance
For some customers manufacturing particular products in a continuous process, their main activity is preventive maintenance at a constant cycle.
This maintenance style leads to too much maintenance, because maintenance and inspections are conducted regardless of the amount of product manufacture or operating hours.
The cycles and procedures for proper preventive maintenance can be developed by understanding correctly the circumstances of failures and the conditions of production facilities and utility equipment. eServ supports proper preventive maintenance.

Ideally, the maintenance and manufacturing divisions should work together and share information, but this rarely happens in practice. eServ’s information-exchange function greatly promotes such communication.

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