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Automation of operation and inspection


IIoT sensors for plant. These are for vibration, Temperature, Pressure.


Sushi Sensor is a wireless solution for the industrial IoT, including sensors for detecting equipment conditions.
Recently, there is an increasing need for advanced equipment maintenance such as CBM*1. To do this, it is essential to identify the equipment conditions in detail.
However, conventional operator rounds have been insufficient because equipment has become more complex, increasing the cost of man-hours and making the work environment harsher.
Sushi Sensor helps solve this challenge by automatically acquiring data on the vibration, pressure, and temperatures of equipment and making the data available online.
By quantifying and visualizing various data, Sushi Sensor enables the health condition of equipment distributed across a plant to be monitored.Thus, Sushi Sensor reduces inspection man-hours of equipment and enables early detection of signs of abnormalities to prevent unexpected equipment shut-down, thus improving plant efficiency and productivity.
*1 CBM: Condition-based maintenance

Achievements and examples

Case study 1)
Customer Industry:Chemical
Target Equipment:Pumps
Result:Monitoring vibration trend of pumps for half year.
A sudden increase in acceleration appeared in the Sushi Sensor data.
After the inspection, cracked ball bearing was found.

Case study 2)
Customer Industry: Chemical
Target Equipment: Agitators and centrifugal machines.The number of target equipment is more than 300 units.
Issues: Outsourcing periodic inspection work. It costs approx. 120K USD/year.
Inspection data is not digitized.
Field staffs ignores alert of the failure signs from maintenance team.
Result: Shifting periodic inspection work to Sushi Sensor gradually.
Automatic data collection realizes data digitization.
Field staffs cannot ignore alert via PC.

Case study 3)
Customer Industry: Wind power
Target Equipment: Wind power generator
Issues: Expensive cost for operator round due to large area coverage.
Each windmill distance is several hundred meters.
Operators have to stop the windmills in order to check inside.
Result: Automatic data collection reduces operator’s burden.
Monitoring condition of inside of windmills without stopping them.

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