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FieldOpt is a project management system which uses a wireless sensor network to build up an accurate picture of the distribution and progress of the resources involved including workers and construction equipment, leading to a boosting of construction productivity. By enabling the visualization of ”the location of resources”, ”the progress of work” and ”the status of security”, it becomes possible to execute the project more efficiently and safely than ever before.

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Outline of the FieldOpt System
Through use of ”Transmitters attached to Worker and Equipment” and ”Receivers Located at the Site” information on the positioning of these elements is collected. On the tablet device held by the work manager, information on the progress of the task being carried out in each work area can be gathered and the location of each resource item recorded. By analyzing the big data gathered, the monitoring of accurate information on the progress of individual tasks and the actual hours of work performed by each resource, which has always proved difficult, has become possible to visualize. The results of the analysis lead to improvements in construction schedules and work safety.

Achievements and examples

Merits of the FieldOpt System
As projects become larger and more complex, the accurate measurement of the progress of the work and knowledge of delays which have a major effect on the schedule (critical path) are essential to the timely completion of the project. By using the big data provided through the FieldOpt system to deduce the critical path, workers and equipment can be concentrated in areas which pose potential problems and it becomes possible to prevent or limit delays and contribute to smooth completion of the project.

In addition, by combining the company’s CMS (Construction Management System) by which a vast number of drawings and material procurements are managed and through use of the MODS Management company’s ”Virtual Manager” that extracts the work package from the 3D CAD Model with the FieldOpt system, the state of progress of each work package and the allocation of workers can be monitored and this, combined with location information enables management of construction work to a degree which is more refined than has been possible in the past, enabling us to work toward higher levels of productivity and quality in a wide variety of tasks.

In the future, we are planning to expand the capabilities of the FieldOpt system to promote safety by preventing the entry of workers into dangerous areas and other steps.

- Big Data (distribution of resources, information on actual progress, etc.) enables the early detection of the causes of possible delays and the accurate forecasting of progress
- Reduction of construction costs through the implementation of efficient and optimized project control
- Securing the safety of workers at construction sites

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