Cracking Heater Run Length Optimization


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Remote control of operation and inspection

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O&M improvement by predictive detection

Automation of operation and inspection


TOYO offers RL-Tracker🄬 as DX-PLANT🄬 operation assistance service which transform your plant’s operations and unlock its full potential.
RL-Tracker🄬 is DX-PLANT🄬 web-based application for ethylene cracking heater operation. RL-Tracker🄬 predicts the TMT (Tube Metal Temperature) used as an indicator for decoking in ethylene cracking heater.

■MONITORING operation mode provides continuous TMT prediction based on DCS real time input. It enables early anomaly detection (abnormal rapid TMT increase).
■CASE STUDY operation mode provides on demand TMT prediction based on users input for future operation condition. Its enables to discover operation condition for run length optimization


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