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To utilize ADVIDA🄬, the introduction of DX-PLANT🄬 as a cloud data collection platform for plant operational data is essential. Users can then access ADVIDA🄬 as a feature within DX-PLANT🄬.

The ADVIDA🄬 enables the efficient detection of anomalies from the pre-warning stage by providing an overview of the entire plant system.
It visually represents anomaly states on a process flow screen as circles, allowing anyone, not just experienced operators, to easily identify the presence of anomaly conditions at a glance.

• Dynamic Anomaly Representation: Circle size reflects the degree of deviation from the normal state.
• Early Anomaly Detection: ADVIDA® visualizes anomalies from the moment the operational state begins to deviate from stability, even before alarms are triggered.
• Anomaly Replay: Replay of past operations with visualization of past anomalies on the process flow screen.


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