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Visualization, optimization and product yield improvement of FCC unit in Oil refinery by using AI and engineering expertise


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FCC AI Optimizer is a system that supports/optimizes the operation of the FCC (Fluid Catalytic Cracking) and RFCC (Residue FCC) unit through the following functions using AI:

・ Real-time predictions of conversion and recommended operation parameters
・ Optimization of the FCC operation (Cat/Oil ratio, Oil/Steam ratio) in conjunction with future Advanced Process Control
・ Prediction of afterburn occurrence and mapping of afterburn severity
・ Identify operation parameters related to afterburn and provide operation guide


FCC Convertor-status Prediction AI System
These are the following operational challenges associated with complex reactions in the FCC Unit:

・ Currently, it takes several weeks to grasp the catalyst properties including activity, and it is not possible to grasp them in real-time.
・ In addition, the method for setting optimal operating conditions according to the crude oil type has not been established.

In response to these issues, Chiyoda’s FCC reaction optimization AI learns the past operating conditions and presents the reaction conditions and optimal operating parameters of the FCC Unit in a timely manner.
We are also developing AI for optimizing the Cat/Oil ratio and Oil/Steam ratio, optimizing the FCC Unit operation according to crude oil type, and improving product yield.

FCC Afterburn Prediction AI System
The FCC regenerator has the following issues, especially when the operating load is high.

・ There is a risk of damage to the cyclone, downstream piping, and other equipment due to poor combustion and afterburn.
・ Therefore, the operating load cannot be increased to the required level.
・ Since there are many factors that cause afterburn, it is difficult to take effective measures against afterburn.

To address these issues, Chiyoda’s FCC Afterburn Prediction AI System predicts the following by learning from operation data and provides operation support.

・ Predicts the occurrence of afterburn in advance
・ Real-time mapping of changes in the severity of afterburn
・ Simultaneously display the causes of afterburn

In the future, we aim to further optimize operations by linking with RTO/APC (operation optimization/advanced control).

Achievements and examples

Benefits of Introduction

・ Real-time presentation of reaction activity
・ Reduces the amplitude of reaction activity
・ Reduces the chance of a decrease in reaction activity
・ Accurate operation at the reaction activity according to the production plan

・ By predicting the occurrence of afterburn in advance, it is possible to avoid afterburn.
・ Visualization of the degree of severity of afterburn makes it possible to understand the direction of the severity transition.
・ Real-time visualization of the causes of afterburn provides hints for avoiding afterburn.


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