Foaming Prediction AI System

Anomaly prediction of the operation of Acid Gas Removal Unit by using AI and engineering expertise


More sophisticated decision making

2nd category

From anomaly detection Prevention of accidents

O&M improvement by predictive detection


Value Proposition

・ Improved economic returns through mitigation of turndown and/or unplanned shutdown by predicting occurrence of foaming
・ Agile and cost-effective solution
・ No modification, no new sensor, no new instrument but only one laptop to transfer operational data to Chiyoda via cloud
・ No harm to the current operation
・ No additional operators while maintaining current operators
・ Transferring operation know-how
・ Levelling and level-up of operational shifts

Foaming Prediction AI system is a proven solution at process plant in operation.


Acid gas removal (AGR) unit is used to remove CO2 and H2S from the sour gas in LNG, refinery and other gas processing plants. Foaming often or suddenly occurs in AGR unit and the operators have to deal with it immediately. Late measures against the foaming increases risks of product off-spec, production turn down, or unscheduled shut down.

Achievements and examples

In one LNG plant, the operators suffer from foaming hundreds of times yearly. To solve such situation, Chiyoda developed an AI model from plant operation data, which predicts occurrence of foaming. The AI can predict more than half of all foaming cases, at least one hour prior to the occurrence. Foaming Prediction AI System equipped with the foaming prediction AI enables mitigation of production opportunity loss of hundreds of thousands of US$.


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