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Creation of Data integrated platform for plant operation DX


Reform of corporate organization to promote transformation to smart

Digitization of information

On-site work efficiency

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Business process transformation

Data acquisition

Construction and sharing of databases

Information visualization and browsing

Utilization of knowledge database

Remote instruction using xR

Utilization of drones and robots

Remote control of operation and inspection


Overview of the Mirai Fusion (MF) platform

End-to-end support, spanning consulting (on general strategies, identification of problems, etc.), existing systems integration and connectivity, and customer-tailored development of
apps (digital solutions).
Agile development, enabling the specification, development, and delivery of an app and the deployment of its software in as little as eight weeks.
Optimized solutions that combine three kinds of apps: standard apps with proven track records, custom apps that are built from scratch to meet the unique needs of each customer, and third-party apps that are developed and managed by other business partners.


Efficiency improvements and the succession of management and technologies are important challenges in plant operations. Some of the more pressing issues include cutting maintenance costs associated with aging and deteriorating equipment, accurately gauging the operational and management expertise of skilled workers, and the integrated use of data that up to now have been disconnected due to the vertical structuring of existing systems.

The MF platform is built on Cognite Data Fusion (CDF)™, software developed by Cognite that enables the integration and contextualization of various types of fragmented industrial data. Its application in oil and gas plant operations marks a world first, as this type of software has never before been used for such a purpose.

One of the goals of the Agreement is to support digital transformation initiatives that aim to improve both maintenance efficiency and productivity of industrial plants. Cognite’s software will be used to augment Chiyoda’s plant engineering expertise to provide solutions tailored to each customer’s needs.

The partnership will also use proven, real-world applications. Some, developed with Chiyoda’s proprietary, AI-based digital technologies, help users visualize their operational statuses, predict equipment or process failures, and handle other procedures common in industry, while others will be cutting-edge, third-party apps sourced from MC’s global network.

Following the rollout in Japan, Chiyoda, Cognite, and MC plan to expand on these solutions
and make them available to a variety of industrial facilities in Japan and overseas.

The alliance between Chiyoda, Cognite, and MC aims to help customers grow more competitive and enhance their corporate value. Through effective use of data-driven apps designed to boost efficiency and enhance facility management, industrial companies will be able to optimize plant operations and oil and gas resources more efficiently, which can contribute to global decarbonization efforts.

Achievements and examples

The technology used in the MF platform is already helping oil and gas operators such as Saudi Aramco and Aker BP maximize production and improve maintenance efficiency. Aker BP’s digitalization program is on track to reduce the operator’s annual operating expenses by 15-18 percent by 2022.

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